A. Topics
B. Learning
C. Templates
D. Text
E. Illustration
F. Screenshots
G. Assembly
H. Delivery



Don Bergland








Constructing the MANUAL



There are many ways to construct an instructional manual. The method we will use is just one of many. We will proceed through this particular method, but participants are encouraged to modify and customize the approach for their own particular needs.

A. Topics Topics and potential content for software instruction
B. Learning Learning theories and techniques for effective instruction
C. Templates Constructing the assembly vehicle - The Word document
D. Text Writing text-based instructional sequences
E. Illustration Constructing visual images (screenshots, graphics, schematics)
F. Screenshots The collection and processing of screenshots
G. Assembly Assembling text and visual images
H. Delivery Determining delivery vehicles for the instructional manual

Note the categories in the left-side menu. These correspond to the stages of the method.



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