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Don Bergland











This course provides personal and professional "empowerment" in the ability to communicate and express ideas using digital media. You will learn how to locate, download, collect, and create visual images, audio, animation, video, and website constructions.

This course proceeds on a philosophy which advocates active studio practise. To know how to effectively use multimedia in classroom situations, a teacher must know how to "produce" multimedia. The course will focus on developing dynamic skillsets and will stress training and practise as methods for developing ability. This course emphasizes studio practise as the road to professional empowerment.

Course categories are listed at the top left-side menu. These consist of, Requirements, Computer Setup, Basic Computer, Web Walkthrough, The Course, Sessions, and Assignments. Each of these sections will provide foundational information about how this course will work. As a first step in understanding how the course is structured, proceed through each of these categories in sequence.

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