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  This course offers a focused look at multimedia in its role as a powerful tool of expression and communication. It focuses on the fundamentals of “mediaforms presented in a screen rectangle.” In our culture, the “screen image” informs and entertains in a pervasive and dynamic way. As educators, we need to understand its effect and be in command of its construction!
Participants will explore multimedia as the basis of teaching, learning, communicating, and expressing ideas and study multimedia content, construction, intentions, and purposes. Through detailed investigations of Internet websites, they will learn what is available, how they can get their hands on it, and how they can convert it into exciting classroom lessons.
A look at Media Literacy and Critical Analysis will be examined as an important component in the course. Participants will learn to incorporate critical thinking models, multimedia content resources, and production techniques to enhance the classroom learning experience.

The role of new democracy in expression will be a running theme throughout the course. Participants will be encouraged to discover how old systems of media “gatekeeping” have dissolved through the development of desktop software and Internet technologies. What this means for individual empowerment in the public promotion of ideas is only beginning to be discovered!

This course invites participants to engage in an exploration of how multimedia can provide an active enhancement for learning. They are encouraged to bring a sense of humor, creative ideas, unhatched notions, incipient passions, and curriculum concerns. We will weave them into a new educational tapestry to hang from the walls of each and every classroom monitor.
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